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December 31, 2008


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Buy Pastry Shoes

Wow! This is a really fun contest! Too bad I'm too late to join. Anyway, congratulations on the winner and I hope that you would open another contest so that I could get to join too!

tina mcintosh

Hi Kerry, How are you all. I have 6 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of ugg boots. I have 2 favourites though. The first is my new pair I wore to my daughters wedding, such a proud day the diamonties on the black high heels didnt match my smile though.
The second is my gum boots, cause that mean I can get out into my jungle garden and just relax, ha ha I am like you i love coloured by 3 of my pairs are bright red.


I have no idea. I don't have a lot because I'm not a big shoe shopper. I wear the same pair day in and day out. then I'll change them and wear that pair day in and day out LOL probably because I have orthopaedic inner soles and I hate changing them from shoe to shoe. Before the inner soles I loved shoes!!! Yours are gorgeous!
Happy New Year to you and yours!


A stalker here!!! I am going to show DH the blog so his opinion of my dozen or so shoes, including the not so old crocs at the back door and the very old crocs at the laundry door is really nothing to be concerned about. Do like the shoes!!

Mary Kuhr

Hi Kerry

What beautiful shoes. My favourite shoes at the moment are colorados which I purchased on sale for the bargain price of $20. I've worn them nearly everyday since.

I don't own too many shoes - 1 x sandshoes, 1 x winter work boots, 1 x dress boots, 1 thong - (Wally the dog has taken the other!) and three pairs of heels. My younger daughters love dressing up in the heels. Oh, and a pair of beautiful green Itailian leather court shoes (lady-jane style) that I fell in love with while on holiday. The girls were sworn to secrecy at their cost, although hubby does suspect they cost almost as much as the train trip to Sydney.

Happy New Year, Mary

Alison Turvey

It is actually a bit scary, but there are 28 pairs of shoes & 2 prs boots lurking in the dark recesses of the wardrobe & the basket near the door....& near the back door...oops a pair of slippers next to bed...stop looking!!!! I love pretty shoes!


Hi Kerry,
According to my husband I have too many shoes - but you can never have too many shoes. Then you need to make the handbags to go with the shoes. My favourite shoes would have to be some red flats that I love to wear with jeans. I have 8 pairs of shoes (pink, blue, red, black, white, navy, joggers and thongs). Good news - my daughter wears the same size shoe now so we can share (do I need to count her shoes too??)


OMG, I can't believe you have so many shoes. I have about 5 pairs, thats it. I like colorado and also have a pair of Josef Sebel, not sure if that's how you spell it. Anyway they were $185 so I only have one pair.


well I have quite a few but no where near that most combortable would have to be my blundstone work boots.......


I don't have heaps of shoes .... rather spend my money on fabric! My favourites are some black boots I got on sale at Rivers ... so comfy. They are looking a bit tired so hope I can find some new ones as good.

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